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Our client Sally runs her own business managing a bed and breakfast and several other rental properties that are in high demand. When she came to us, a family member had been managing her accounting for several years — and he’d run into some problems.

“I discovered I owed thousands of dollars in overdue property taxes, utility bills, and fees that had slipped through the cracks,” Sally says. “That’s when I hired Books in Balance to take over my accounting.”

We provided Sally with a one-stop shop to handle all of her accounting and bookkeeping needs for a high-volume business with a lot of moving parts. The services we provided include:

Accounting System Set-Up: “Before, I had a very disorganized system of keeping track of income and deductions,” Sally says.

Now it’s easier than ever for her to keep track of her deductions, expenditures, payroll, and other important costs. “I never worry that I’ll miss a utility bill again,” Sally says.


Day-To-Day Bookkeeping: Managing your bookkeeping on a daily basis can be a chore. We took that burden off Sally, so she can focus on running her business.

She now turns over all invoices, receipts, transaction records, and other financial information over to us — and we enter it into the system, ensuring nothing is missed in providing her with a full financial picture of her business.

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Cash-Flow Analysis: Part of Sally’s new accounting system includes an easy-to-use reporting feature that lets her see her income, expenses, and other crucial financial information at a glance, and easily monitor the financial health of her business.

“It gives me a sense of control and lets me keep track of where my money is going and where it’s coming from,” Sally says. “Now I have a really solid idea of what I can afford to invest in and how my business is doing from day to day.”

Tax Preparation and Management: After being on the hook for overdue property taxes and all the fines and fees involved, Sally turned all her tax preparation over to us. “It was the best move I ever made,” she says.

We now manage all aspects of tax preparation and filing for all of Sally’s business income—and we’ve helped her save money at tax time, too.


Financial Planning and Analysis: Our services go beyond the daily management of Sally’s finances. We also work as financial planners and consultants.

“Books in Balance is always available to talk with me about my financial goals and help me identify ways to take things to the next level,” Sally says. “They’ve given me some great advice on how to streamline my business, bring in more income, and achieve goals that were important to me—like buying a new property or funding my retirement. I’d never be able to make those things happen without them.”


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