Repeated Warning about Phone Scams

This office has repeatedly warned clients about scams related to taxes. The problem has only gotten worse, so we feel obligated to issue another warning. The scammers out there are pretty sophisticated and are trying to steal your identity and your money.

Hiring Family Members in a Family Business

In today’s tough job market, students seeking part-time employment, young adults looking for full-time employment, and college graduates looking to begin their careers are finding it difficult to land a job.

What Entities Will the IRS Target for 2014 and 2015 Audits?

The Government Accounting Office says that since fiscal year 2010, the IRS has lost 10,000 employees and had its budget cut by $900 million.  More cuts are proposed for the 2015 IRS budget year. Identity theft issues, foreign asset reporting, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) responsibilities will continue to absorb personnel and resources.