Free Tax Advice For Small Businesses

Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t come with built-in tax knowledge, that's why you need to know these 4 things.

9 Absolute Steps To Early Tax Prep

Your personal checklist to make doing your taxes as easy as possible.

How To Organize Your Home Office For Success

If you’re constantly battling the state of your home office, then take a step back and read these five tips below.

New Pass-Through Deduction Clarifications For 2018 Taxes

The mammoth GOP tax reform of 2017 impacted taxpayers in many, many different ways. The bill itself was so big and complex that many elements of it weren't particularly clear or even defined for months after the bill passed. In some cases, different rules and regulations were delayed by a year because the job of sorting all this out has become a Herculean task.

What Should Small Businesses Look for with Payroll Services?

Whether you’re switching providers or your staff has grown to the point that you need better management over payroll, it’s important to take the time to vet your potential payroll service.

A Mid-Year Tax Checkup May Be Appropriate

Taxes are similar to vehicles, in that they sometimes need a check-up to make sure they are performing as expected. That is especially true for 2018, with all of the changes brought about by tax reform.

Payroll Vendors For San Francisco Small Businesses

For some small businesses, there will come a time when the staff grows large enough to consider an outside service when dealing with payroll needs. There are pros and cons to going this route.

What Makes Up A Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet is absolutely critical to small business success, and here’s why: a balance sheet is the definitive single-sheet overview of what's bringing in cash and what's payout out cash.

Marginal or Effective? Defining Tax Rates

I talk with a lot to people about their taxes in my San Rafael office, both as individuals and as small business owners -- and one very common misunderstanding people present to me is when they say they know their tax rate.