The Most Common Tax Forms Received by San Rafael Residents


When the new year rolls around, each trip to your San Rafael mailbox probably requires keeping a sharper eye for tax forms. These usually come with big bold IMPORTANT TAX FORM INCLUDED on the outside. Various forms will arrive, and though they are technically required to be sent by the end of January, this doesn’t always happen. You may also receive notifications in your email inbox about electronic versions available for secure download.

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When Does a Small Business Need to Start Filing Taxes?


Happy New Year! If you’re like most small business owners you’ve probably started to wonder what your tax situation is going to look like this year. Will you owe or will you be receiving a check? What about W2s? Did you forget to save any receipts and when should you start filing your taxes?

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5 Things to Look for in You New Tax Firm


What do you look for in a tax firm? It’s a simple question, but one that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. You might find the answer by asking a colleague. You could ask the local Chamber or maybe you’ll find the answer by doing a search in Google and going with who you like best.

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