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Don't Make Expensive Tax Mistakes

If you’re a North Bay area small business owner or a freelancer with multiple income streams or someone who wants to itemize deductions or who needs to input 1099 income…going it alone on tax preparation or relying on misleading software prompts makes it way too easy to make expensive mistakes or to pay more than you should.

No matter how you get paid, you’ll find working with a local tax specialist is a whole lot easier than struggling to use online tax prep services on your own.

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Being Audited is Less Scary with a Professional by Your Side

You deserve professional representation when you’re facing an audit by the IRS or any other taxing authority. From defense of your filed return, to protection from undue assessment of additional tax liability, to resolution on appeal if necessary – we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Help For Your Business or Personal Taxes

With our 50 years of combined in-house tax preparation and planning experience, Books in Balance delivers up all legal tax advantages that you can’t get from some software you download off the Internet.

But we get it. You see a lot of commercials that suggest online tax prep software is free.

And who doesn’t like free?

The truth is, these online tax prep services make it nearly impossible to access their free version - especially for people with more complex income reporting structures like freelancers, independent contractors, and most small business owners.

There’s no such thing as free tax preparation for busy and successful entrepreneurs.

If nothing else, your time has value.

Inputting information for hours and you have a question? That’s an upsell. Have several questions? Suddenly you’re paying a faceless computer program more than you’d pay a local and licensed, experienced tax specialist.

At Books In Balance, you’ll work with the same friendly and experienced staff of highly qualified professionals year-round. We never wait until April because we’re addressing your unique tax situation all year long.

In addition to getting you all the deductions you deserve, at Books In Balance we also want to make this year’s tax season less stressful and the next tax season, and the one after that.

Since we offer truly comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services, we really do manage complicated tax situations for our clients all year long.

New business owner? We’ve got you covered too. It doesn’t take earning much to make you a full-fledged business in the eyes of the taxing authorities. But we make sure you’ve got your return right without the hours of frustration.

“My taxes were complicated this year because of a job and a home-based business. Brandon saved me endless frustration. I wish I had started off by going to Books In Balance instead of the many hours I tried to figure it out myself.”
- Cynthia C.

The team at Books In Balance looks at your entire financial life to make sure you’ve got the right tax plan in place to maximize your financial future and to minimize your future tax liabilities.

“Brandon provided us tax advice that helped so much with our taxes. We were relieved that he smoothly handled everything and we already have received our refunds. We give Brandon an A+!”
- Anita B.

Because for most small business owners, your business and your personal taxes are pretty well entwined.

Books In Balance handles your individual returns plus virtually every form of small business filings, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, C and S corporations, and non-profits. For some clients, we’ve even taken care of the returns for their small estates & trusts.

Without a solid plan, the annual tax season scramble can mean missed opportunities that can put you at risk for paying penalties and interest or making mistakes that can cost you money even years down the road. Or you could make an error on your return that puts you in the “to be audited” pile.

“I called Brandon up in a panic on April 5 after our preliminary work in TurboTax indicated we were going to owe a heckuvalot more in taxes than we anticipated, and we wanted an expert to double check our work before filing. Understanding that any good tax preparer is going to be super slammed right about now, we called anyway to see what could be done. As I suspected Brandon was very busy but spent 20 minutes on the phone, reviewing high level figures with us, and in the process discovered some entries within TurboTax that might need revision. While we still ended up owing more than we would have liked, his guidance saved us from further misery.”
- Andre

Savvy business people know having tidy books and a clear picture of their current and future financial goals makes tax time - or any time - go a whole lot smoother.

When your books are well in hand, you don’t miss the critical payments you need to make year round to the Franchise Tax Board and to the IRS.

Your quarterlies? Calculated.

When your books - both business and personal - are ready and reconciled, you know you have all the necessary records for claiming every deduction and scoring every tax advantage you can legally claim.

Accurate and on time filings also mean you avoid potential fines, fees, and penalties and reduce your chances of being targeted for an audit.

If you’ve always handled your taxes yourself or used online software we are confident we can get you a better result.

In fact, we’re happy to review your past tax returns and see if an amended filing might be in order. If it makes sense to refile, we can do that. But more to the point? If everything looks good, we’ll tell you that too.

As your business and personal finances get more complex and tax laws and regulations keep changing, it’s way too easy to make mistakes, following bad online advice that raises red flags for an audit, or to miss valuable tax advantages you’re entitled to.

If your books have gotten behind…it’s almost inevitable that tax time is going to be…well, taxing.

There’s really no reason to go it alone or to be embarrassed to get professional guidance - even if your books are currently a mess or you have no accounting system to speak of.

Or are you in a serious bind because you’ve got a letter from the FTB or the IRS? We can help with that too.

Books In Balance is a full-service San Rafael bookkeeping and accounting firm and we have in-house, local tax and accounting specialists who know your industry and who will get to know your individual situation inside and out. We take control of your books to get you back more money and more time at tax time - or any time.

We love accounting, bookkeeping, and tax prep so you don’t have to.

We go beyond Wealth Management & accounting

We proudly provide all the in-person and virtual services you need to take your business and your life to the next level without stress, overwhelm, or outlandish fees.

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"Books In Balance is fantastic. Bottom line, they saved me a ton of money. Brandon is very easy to understand and work with and has helped me plan and feel a lot more comfortable about my taxes and finances in general. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

John S.

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"My experience with Brandon and his business Books In Balance was all around excellent. He
sorted out and resolved my potentially serious tax errors with competence and expertise, and his genuine and pleasant nature alleviated my stress and embarrassment about the situation. I highly recommend this business - a real gem."

Rochelle K.