When your books are balanced

You Perform At Your Best

Seeking out a professional bookkeeping firm to handle your small business financials tells us something about you: You know your clients and customers are best served when you operate in your zone of genius.

Things are at their best when you are putting your time and energy into the passions that inspired you to take a risk and play full out bringing your business into being.

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We Also Know You Didn’t Start Your Business Because You Love Bookkeeping


That’s Where We Come In.

Books In Balance started in 1999 with a passion to bring the best bookkeeping services to successful, Bay Area small business owners.

Our mission is to treat every client like our best client and to never lose sight of the person behind the ledger.

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You Deserve Customized, Cost Effective Bookkeeping Solutions

Your business is as individual as you are and that’s why we simply won’t do cookie-cutter service packages.

We create comprehensive, cost-effective plans designed to unleash the money-making potential of your business. You get exactly what the big firms offer like expert bookkeeping and accounting services, financial reports and analysis, and tax preparation and planning with the 1:1 attention only a small firm can provide.

Going beyond the financials

We go beyond the financials to help you fine-tune your operations with lower overhead costs and fewer staffing headaches. Plus, we’re focused on getting you back to what you do best now that you can be confident your books are well-handled.

Everything we do is designed to bring you balance. In your books and in your life.

Bottom line? We’re way more than just your typical number crunchers.

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Our Staff

Books In Balance has the support of a specialized staff of professional bookkeepers who attend to the needs of our clients. Each has a specialty core of experience that cover a wide range of focus to help our clients navigate the entire process of their business and personal goals. When you work with one of our bookkeepers, expect to form a deep bond and know that you’re going to be treated like family.

About the Principal

Brandon M. Dante, is a well-seasoned accountant and heads up the team with over 25 years of senior accounting experience. He holds an Accounting degree with a Minor in Business Administration. He maintains several certifications and holds industry related licenses in tax preparation. When Brandon isn’t in the office, you’ll find this avid dog and animal lover supporting various Bay Area - and beyond - animal charities.

Our Affiliate Team

Books In Balance provides a one stop approach in giving our clients a network of affiliate relationships we have fostered over the years to enhance the in-house services we offer – should the need arise.

Our affiliate teams range in expertise as Former IRS agents, Certified Public Accountants, Lawyers, and Tax Specialists (both Foreign & Domestic), just to name a few. We have the resources to surmount most any situation in helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Affiliate Team

We go beyond Wealth Management & accounting

We proudly provide all the in-person and virtual services you need to take your business and your life to the next level without stress, overwhelm, or outlandish fees.

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"For the second year in a row Brandon was my hero! I have so many unusual circumstances and he didn't even flinch.

My small business will finally be up and running soon, I know Brandon will be the perfect one to see me through it!"

Cynthia C.

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"Brandon and Books in Balance have provided my business the best tax and accounting assistance out there. I called over 20 tax consultants before finding Brandon and all of them charged 2-3x more and also did not ask the level of detailed questions before taking me on as a client. I am thrilled I found Brandon and highly recommend his services to others."

Svetha J.