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When It Comes to Money We All Have Different Goals

Work with an expert wealth management team who will collaborate with you to design a goal-focused financial plan that works for you and your family today and in the future. 

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You Deserve a Team Dedicated to Your Financial Success

We’ve gathered the Bay Area’s leading experts in estate, retirement, and tax planning to offer you the most comprehensive financial services available.

Together, you’ll develop a customized portfolio based on your specific goals and objectives. And because we use a risk-adjusted approach with long-term tax-smart strategies, we’ll always take necessary steps to minimize volatility while protecting and growing your wealth, so your money is there when you need it the most.

Services Offered

  • Portfolio Management

    Portfolio Management

    We specialize in constructing customized portfolios based on each client’s specific goals and objectives, and our risk adjusted approach is based on long term strategies to reduce risk and minimize volatility.

  • Retirement

    Retirement Planning

    The primary goal of retirement planning is to ensure our clients have enough income to last throughout retirement. Through careful and strategic planning, we help our clients maximize their savings.

  • Education Savings

    Education Savings

    The costs of higher education continue to skyrocket. The earlier you start to save for your children and grandchildren’s future the better. Learn how to start saving today.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    Key to any financial plan, estate planning is important to the growth, preservation and transfer of assets in a tax efficient manner.

  • Financial Planning

    Financial Planning

    We each have different goals. It’s important to have a customized plan that works for you, your family, and your career, both
    for now, and in the future.

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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

  • Corporate Retirement

    Corporate Retirement Plans

    With expertise in qualified and non-qualified retirement plans,we can design, implement, and monitor your plan. We educate your employees and work with plan trustees (i.e. business owner) to maintain government compliance and best practices according to the Department of Labor.

  • exit

    Business Exit and Succession Planning

    Whether you plan to sell your firm, transfer to management, or pass it on to your children, proper Exit Planning provides a roadmap for one of the most challenging aspects of business ownership.

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    Business Consulting And Services

    Working with new and existing businesses, we can assist you to meet your business objectives & work towards sustainable growth.

Additional Services Offered

  • Business Insurance

    Insurance Planning

    An important part of asset management is managing risk. It’s important to protect you and your assets through appropriate insurance coverage.

  • Mortgage and Lending

    Mortgage & Lending

    Our advisor on both sides of your balance sheet. He can help manage liabilities along with assets to ensure real estate is properly factored into your financial picture

  • annuities


    A significant risk for all investors is outliving your savings. Annuities could help protect your income stream in retirement.

Additional Service Offerings

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together the most common questions we get about wealth management services so you can make the right decision about hiring the right team to help you reach your financial goals.

Wealth management is a holistic approach to protect, preserve, and grow your wealth. A team of dedicated financial professionals from inside and outside of investing and asset management will look at every aspect of your personal and business finances to develop a plan that works for you and your family long term.

Since everyone’s needs are different, it’s hard to say which services you’ll need to design a comprehensive financial plan, but typically, wealth managers work with tax, estate, and retirement planning experts to create a suite of services that meet your goals and objectives.

Business owners who work with Book In Balance’s wealth management team get help with important business solutions like designing, implementing, and monitoring qualified and non-qualified investment plans, business succession planning, and capital management.

Your wealth management team can help you with insurance planning, mortgage lending, and annuities. It’s all part of making sure your most valuable assets are covered, properly positioned in your long-term plan, and that your income stream is protected in retirement.

We go beyond Wealth Management & accounting

We proudly provide all the in-person and virtual services you need to take your business and your life to the next level without stress, overwhelm, or outlandish fees.

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"I was in a real bind. I had just opened my new automotive repair business in Greenbrae and I found myself in a situation where I needed some business consultation fast. Our current accounting system was lacking and the procedures that existed in place were not working. I asked Books In Balance to come in and see if they could help me get running smoothly. This turned out to be a long process because I knew before I called them, I needed a whole lot of help. Well, to make a very long story short, Books In Balance was great! They literally took the entire back end of the office and reworked everything from overseeing a server installation, installation of new accounting software and utilities to manage my resources better. They implemented complete systems and procedures and did the first 6 months of running all of our accounting systems. I would have been happy to keep them, but they advised me that it would be more cost-effective to hire a full-time bookkeeper and office assistant. Now Books In Balance is training my new employees. I would highly recommend Books In Balance to anyone wanting expert help and affordable pricing. They were very fair in working out special package pricing in order to save me from hourly billing when that was more efficient for my circumstances. I will be keeping Books In Balance on board to do quarterly reviews for my business going forward as well as all my business and personal taxes."

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